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 Shadow Creatures

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Shui Zane

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Its 1991 and many things have changed. Many of the creatures that have been lurking in the shadows for the past centuries have come out and are turning more people so they can gain more numbers. Due to this an organization called ECHA or Extreme Creature Hunting Agency started raiding haven towns or towns where these creatures hid and taking creature children under the age of sixteen to teach them how to fight on the human side hunting there own kind. Many of these creatures are pure evil and will stop at nothing to have power, but they are no all this nefarious. Creatures such as shadow wolves were harmless and lived peacefully. But that didn’t matter to the hunters a creature was a creature. On the night of December tenth 1991 they entered a town called winter park located in the mountains of Colorado. They killed most residents, burning there homes and shops. One of the shadow wolves that were taken was young Mocha Nygtwulf. She was getting ready for bed when she walked into the room and saw her father against the wall, dead. Her mom grabbed her and her sister and hid them in separate spots in the house, but the hunters still found Mocha. She was separated from her sister and taken away to live in the facilities were she grew up learning how to be a hunter. She got out when she was 16 and began her search for her mom and sister. In December 10 ,2013 she finds a clue to were they might be and it was good timing because ECHA sent her to the exact same state that she got her clue....Florida. Her orders were to stay there and attend a high school called mainland high were ECHA was tipped there was a mass number of hybrid creatures were living.

For Infomation I need-

[color=green]Full name:



Sexual orientation:[/color]

[color=darkblue]Appearances (all appearances just separate by.....):


[color=indigo]Pets (no more then two):


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Shadow Creatures
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