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 VamPyre Mansion

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PostSubject: VamPyre Mansion   Tue Aug 30, 2011 10:59 pm

“I never know how to start these things.” I’d told him. Now, I was using these same words to start a chronicle of my life. How pathetic. Was I truly that uncreative?

I never know how to start these things. But now is as good a time as any to begin. I figured it would be a good idea to start a journal to chronicle my thoughts, if I want to become a great. I choose now because my life has taken some drastic changes recently, and maybe a journal will help me to get thru this by letting me see things in a way that may help to lead towards greatness. I’m not sure yet where I specifically am going with this yet, but a rusty start is better than no start at all.

If I had known then that these would be the first words written in the journal of the most profound time of my life, I may have put a little more thought into them. Then again, if I would have known it would become that profound, I may not have ventured down that road at all.

My story really starts long before my fist journal entry. Long before the thoughts came to start the events that led to the journal entries. My story starts even before there was a reason for the other parties involved in the circumstances that led to the possibility of my writing a journal for any variety of unrelated reasons came up. (Convoluted much?)
I begin my story with a rash decision to move. Not this most recent, in perspective to journal entries, move, but the one before that. My mother was off on a vacation with my siblings. Doing missions, or visiting family, I’m not sure anymore which.
All I know is I couldn’t go along because I had to attend classes still. Why I choose that school, out of my many options, is now far beyond me. Who really wants to waste their summer months in a tiny classroom full of wanna-be artists? I ask you! No sane person, that’s for sure. But alas, that is where I found myself. Instead of vacationing with loved ones. I spent my summer furthering my education. Bah!
It was during these long summer months that I spent all of my free time, (what little of it I had, not spent in school, or at work) gallivanting with friends, and as little time as possible in my mother’s empty house. One day; it came up, that I could have the opportunity to occupy a free room in one of my friend’s homes. I jumped at the option to be away from my mother’s home. Oh, to be free from parents, to finally be my own person. Within days; I was already unpacking at my new abode.
Now this doesn’t fall into the category of rash decisions’ for any more reason than the pace of it happening. I could afford it theoretically; I’d made sure of that. I had a job, and could still pay any regular bills. The trouble started, helped me to see where I’d erred, when I graduated from my fine, dastardly school, and then promptly got laid off. Oh the Humanity! But I didn’t complain. I’d had a good long go with the company. I was glad to have had the opportunity with them in the first place, having had no prior experience in my field. Everyone I knew who’d also been a recent graduate, and even some who weren’t so recent, had been laid off around the same time as I. The economy was going down the drain, and each company sought to cut costs were they deemed necessary. My department was the first to go. Then the bad news came; my mother and siblings had died. Their plane went down on their way back from wherever they were at this time, leaving me practically alone in this world. I didn’t want to dwell on it.
It was after a long series of events and circumstances; falling in love, getting my heart broken, hearing and believing lies, not being able to pay rent any longer, my car breaking down, My computer crashing, and laptop monitor malfunctioning, invariably; the search for the right next step in options. I decided it best to move across the country to live with, and work for, dear old dad. A man I’d not seen in over ten years, a man whom I’d not really spoken with for months on end. When we did speak; it was the occasional phone call full of typical empty promises of grandeur he was known for. Stupid Girl! I choose this path, for the promise of having work, and the potential for greatness. Oh, if I’d only listened to reason. I knew the potential of such frivolity, but still I went. Granted it’s not been as bad as the masses anticipated for me. But my rose colored glasses for this time and place had most definitely come off shortly after my arrival.
Turns out dear old dad didn’t have a whole lot of work for me after all. Big surprise…After a huge ordeal and my trying to convince him that he didn’t own me, he convinced me to move with him up north. Further north than I had ever wanted to go. There was a property there he knew of where we could live. It was an abandoned high school in a one horse town, which had been converted into a mansion. It was owned by one of my fathers “friends” and associates, I’m still not sure what he was doing for work at this point, and they’d offered for us to come live with them. The only preface to this place was that the townsfolk refer to it as the VamPyre Mansion and refuse to go near it… they also aren’t too friendly to the people who choose to live there. So we packed up and went.

This is where the real story begins. Finding out what the mystery is behind the mansion.

The Players:
The owner of the house: (He needs a name)
The Dad: (I had a name for him, but whoever wants to play him can be him)
The Daughter: (Again, I’m taking volunteers)
The Right-hand man: (to the owner)
Other Members of the house:

Why you live at the house:
How long you’ve been at the house:

If you have questions; you can ask me here or in the CB or in a PM or wherever... if you think it'll be a common question or query; better ask it here. Smile Otherwise have fun and discover the mystery!
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PostSubject: Re: VamPyre Mansion   Tue Aug 30, 2011 11:18 pm

Shayla (insert family's last name here)
Why you live at the house: She's one of the maids at the house.
How long you’ve been at the house: She's still in the 90 day trial period
Age: 17
Shayla Was never killed in the plane crash, instead she had eaten some bad shrimp before the flight and had gone to the bathroom. While in the bathroom she heard the announcement that the plane was going down and immediately braced herself and held tightly to the 'power bars' next to the toilet. When the plane finally hit ground her head was banged into the door and she was knocked out. When she finally awoke she staggered to her feet and out the door. She looked up to where she had been sitting only to see several seats and bodies piled on her seat and the bloodied, broken, version of her mother. She screamed and ran, though it was limping and tripping, away from the area. She finally collapsed from exhaustion on a trail not far from the house and she forgot everything. She was found half an hour later by the owner who nursed her back to health. She promised him that she would repay him and offered to work for him.
She has a severe case of amnesia and remembers nothing of the plane crash, or her family, the only thing she can remember is waking up in a large room in the mansion with a doctor hovering over her. She's also the sister to the girl that went to live with her dad.... (I would put the name but there is none yet...)

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PostSubject: Re: VamPyre Mansion   Wed Aug 31, 2011 3:11 am

Name: Ms.Xaria (no last name)
Why you live at the house:shes the lawnkeeper gardener woman
How long you’ve been at the house:Shes been at the house as long as it been around,she in fact may be part of the mystery.(if this is okay)
Age:seems to be in her late 20s or early 30s
Description/Appearance:Picture to come)
She is indeed one of the Mysterys at the mansionconsidering shes been there ever since the place was built,before it became a mansion.(can't give too much info!)
Other: Seems to be a bit demented or at most always confused..


Name: Sarrial
Came to the mansion when Xaria did,but died from an illness a few months later(Xaria had been unable to turn her)
looks to be early 20s...
Is a Ghost but seems solid

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PostSubject: Re: VamPyre Mansion   Wed Aug 31, 2011 3:25 am

Well if she looks as young as you say, and she's been there as long; I'd hope she'd be part of it. Unless you mean she's only been therte as long as it's been a mansion. Then her age makes sense.
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PostSubject: Re: VamPyre Mansion   

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VamPyre Mansion
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