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 Fate of Love

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What if everything that was told to you was a lie?
And you realize your life is not your own
What if there was someone watching you
Keeping you from escape

Urban legend has it that in the fair courts of Queen Victoria, occurred more than historians let on. Oh indeed it was the time of growing scholarly learning and expansion. An era of new discoveries and a growth in population. But there is more than history teachers uncover in their lessons. You have only to dive deeper into the life of the court to find a life that was not told to you. The legend of the Dead Soldier. People say that it isn't possible, it isn't true. But then again, didn't they say that about our own discoveries?

The legend has it that long ago in the courts of Queen Victoria there was a feud brewing between the royal families. There was talk of secrecy. Word got around that one of the daughters of the English Queen had pledged her self to an officer of another country. She was the oldest of the girls, and her sisters (out of jealousy for all the attention she was getting) blabbed her secret. That is how everyone found out..how she was disgraced.If this weren't enough, the soldier was found to be a traitor to his country. An illegitimate rascal. This daughter was going to be given in marriage to a prince in order to unite an alliance between England and Germany. In dismay at what had occurred there was nothing more to do than sentence the foolish girl to death. Upon hearing the news, the soldier attempted to plead the lady's innocence. Unfortunately this did little and he was sentenced to banishment. Upon hearing of his love's death he swore that he'd never truly rest until they were reunited. Strange, how could he have possibly known that she had the same dying wish? But where hers only ended at that, his was more..well..more. The soldier swore that every other generation of girls from the Queen's bloodline would be cursed. This curse would be on love. These girls would be known as harlots because of their wish for love despite being virgins.. Why is this known in the legend? There is tale that a the three ladies in waiting for the princess bore witness against the foul play. They knew the truth and they also knew of the lovers innocence. Together they pledged to find the lost souls of the court to undo this terrible curse.

The year is 2011. The curse is about to be broken.
Three girls in high-school hide in their Advanced Literature class escaping the rumors that are going around. Whore. Slut. All they did was try to ask for a date to the Shakespeare dance.( A weird thing their school did since they claimed to have special connections.blah blah...) Upon trying to recollect themselves they stumbled upon the book of one of the witnesses. That was then that they made the first mistake. Reading the enchantment. Everyone knows you read it in your head not out-loud. Following her into the room were several other girls and boys..all of them fell into darkness.

Now they are waking back thousand years earlier.

Welcome, court of England.
It is time to rise.
~Note: Character can be a different gender than their title role. Title does not define gender.
~State whether you are for or against
~ Can be 2 characters max
Characters Needed

Queen: (reserved)
Maidof honor:
Princess 1:
Princess 2:
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Fate of Love
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