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 The Rules of the Forum

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PostSubject: The Rules of the Forum   The Rules of the Forum EmptyMon Jun 13, 2011 8:09 pm

1. Personal attacks; They're not allowed. You may not attack an individual or a group. There will be a no tolerance policy for comments that are racist, sexist, homophobic, or anything of the sort. If you want to enjoy the forum, please try to make it a nice, happy place. We simply ask that you don't attack others.
1B) Under rule one in general; user disagreements. If you start something in PM's, though doing that is not encouraged, keep it there. If you post about it in the open forum, remember, we were not in those private messages, we don't know who started or said what, all we see if what you post publicly in retaliation. And that's what will be punished. If there is an extreme problem that you can't ignore in PM's, please contact one of the forum leaders.

2. This is a site for 13+, but it's not an R rated site. Please do not post any nude pictures, as they will be deleted. This includes, anime screen shots, personal pictures, sketches, anything. [And if you have pictures of yourself in your bra and underwear -or simply underwear for the men- for whatever your reason be, please don't post them here.]

3. Please try to keep the forum organized, we don't want 10 threads in the mature RP's of a new charry you like or about a book you read or a TV show you watched. Please post things in the correct forum.

4. The chat box abides by the same rules as the forums, don't post any nude picture links in it, don't attack others, and this is a new one since it is available in part of the forum... Please don't use the chat box as a place to throw an online orgy.

5. Using screen names that have foul language in them - even though people see it/hear it at home, on television and in movies, it shouldn't be done here. Also, no sexual screen names, if there are names, that are of a sexual nature, they will be removed out of the forum.

6. Please don't curse just to curse. Profanity isn't banned, but if half of your sentence is made up of "the f-bomb", chances are, it's not really needed. This does -NOT- mean that if you say shit you're going to get banned. We just ask that if you curse, don't make it excessive.

7. While some people use it as an internet joke, please don't post about "raping people". It's not a joking matter, and it won't be welcomed. Also, it doesn't welcome others, and that isn't the kind of message we want to send.

8. Cute nicknames, they may appear as just that, but if someone isn't okay with it, just stop saying it. There is a thread for forbidden names, if you have an update for it, please post it in the chat box if an admin/mod is on and it can be edited in, or if none are, message one

9. Name changes; We're on a forum where you can change your name every second if you choose, we ask that you don't use this excessively either. A name change every now and then out of boredom is acceptable, but if you go from Holga to Hermit to Star in 10 minutes, there may be a problem with it. Please try to make sure people will recognize who you are.

10. If you want a special rank, you must have at least 600 posts and privately message an Admin.

11: Your post *MUST* be legible, or it will be skipped unless someone asks for elaboration on it. This does not mean that if you miss a comma or misspell a word that your entire post will be skipped, but if it is to the point where no one can understand what you are saying, well, they can't reply. If you do not take the time to type up a post that makes sense, you cannot be mad when others ignore it. *Sidenote to this rule: Many members of the site are "grammar nazi's" for lack of a better term, and if you are in the chat box, probably will correct things if they are spelled incorrectly. They are not trying to personally attack you, they just enjoy proper English.


It is not a given right to post in this forum, it's a nice little extra privelage you have. And it can be taken away.

Forum Rules Footnotes, AKA Guidelines and other things to think about;
There are two forums that are private, the Mature RP's and the Sanctuary. They are this way for a reason.
Mature RP's; As it says in the title, these RP's are a bit more mature, they may contain excessive gore, language, or somewhat explicit sexual/sensual scenes. This site is for 13+, and we don't want a feeling of being babysat, we simply ask that if you aren't comfortable with it, don't go in it. And if you see something that you think is too extreme, PM an admin or mod about it. It can be looked over and if needed we can ask the person to take it down a little bit, though if someone posts about having sex and it's just another who doesn't want to read it, that will probably NOT be changed. It is up to you to not read something if it's just a personal dislike.
Sanctuary; The Sanctuary is private, so only members can view it. It creates a safer feel for people who post more personal things, like the post a picture of yourself thread. Under NO circumstances is there to be using another person's photo -for anything- without their permission.
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The Rules of the Forum
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